Clothing dry cleaning

Our clients in Lithuania usually use our dry cleaning services for their clothes. Sometimes specific clothes should never be washed in washing machines but should be dry cleaned instead.

Even though we do not have our own dry cleaning equipment we provide one stop shop dry cleaning services to our customers: washing, drying, ironing and dry cleaning at one place.

We cooperate with one of the Lithuanian dry cleaning market leaders the company “Paulini” for providing our dry cleaning services in Vilnius.

Dry cleaning services include dry cleaning of rugs, furs, curtains, etc.

We accept clothes and other goods for dry cleaning at two of our laundromats in Vilnius: 

„Speed Queen“ laundromat on Savanorių Ave. 176 (Shopping center „Norfa Bazė“) and „Skalbiu sau“ laundromat on Šeškinės Str. 26 (next to the „IKI“ grocery store).