Laundromat in Šeškinė

Šeškinės g. 26, Vilnius
+370 5 241 0338
+370 672 55215
I-V 9:00 – 20:00, VI, VII 10:00 – 19:00

In Šeškinė district of Vilnius, next to the "IKI" grocery store we have a laundromat of a local brand “Skalbiu sau”. In this laundromat customers may wash and dry their laundry themselves or take advantage of our laundry services and leave their laundry for the laundromat’s attendant; then a few hours later they may pick up their laundry clean and dry. Such services are possible because of the laundry attendants working in Šeškinės laundromat who help customers save time and benefit from additional services.

In addition to the laundry services, if needed, customers may get dry cleaning services. Though we don’t perform dry cleaning services ourselves we provide these services by cooperating with our partners, the dry cleaning company "Paulini".

The “Skalbiu sau” laundromat’s address is Šeškinės Str 26.

The laundromat in Šeškinė is easily accessible by public transport (buses). The nearest public transport stops to this Šeškinė laundromat are Dūkštų stop and Musninkų stop. At Musninkų bus stop buses No. 48, 75 and 87 stop. To get to the laundromat from this bus stop, walk downstairs towards the “IKI” store and the laundromat will be on the left side. At the Dūkštų bus stop buses No. 43 and 87 stop.

It’s convenient to use Šeškinės laundromat not only for the residents of Šeškinė district but also for those potential customers who live in Žvėrynas, Fabijoniskes, Justiniškės and Viršuliškės districts. So if you stay in these areas the Šeškinė laundromat is close by to your location.

Equipment available in the laundromat “Skalbiu sau”:


8 kg capacity – 3 pcs.
10 kg capacity – 3 pc.
14 kg capacity – 1 pc.


11 kg capacity – 2 pcs.
16 kg capacity – 1 pc.

Šeškinė laundromat contact phone number: +370 609 98168. Contacts in local language: +370 672 55215, +370 5 241 038.

Laundromat opening hours: Monday – Friday 9 AM – 8 PM, weekend 10 AM – 7 PM