As the value of time grows the urgent dry cleaning of clothes becomes more and more important.

We are also contributing to the needs of busy people to make urgent services of clothes’ dry cleaning in Vilnius available as easy as possible. The regular services of clothes’ dry cleaning we provide in 2-5 days while the urgent orders we fulfill within 24 hours.

In cases of special needs, we may provide urgent services of clothes’ dry cleaning in Vilnius during the same day. In such cases we consult with our customers how to quickly and efficiently fulfill their orders. To find out more about our urgent dry cleaning services in Vilnius call us on +370 609 98168.

Even though we don't have our own dry cleaning equipment, for the customer's comfort we provide express dry cleaning services using the one-stop shop principal: cleaning, drying, ironing and dry cleaning in one place.

In this area we cooperate with "Paulini" dry cleaning, which is one of the leaders in the dry cleaning market where our customer's goods are cleaned in Vilnius.

We dry clean various goods and some of them are rugs, fur coats, curtains, etc.

We accept clothes and other goods for express dry cleaning the same day in two of our laundromats in Vilnius: "Speed Queen" on Savanoriu Ave. 176 (S/C "Norfa bazė") and "Skalbiu sau" on Šeškinės str. 26 (close to shopping center "IKI")