"Speed Queen" pre-paid card

If you buy our „Speed Queen“ pre-paid (PP) card you will be able to get our various automated laundromats’ services with discounts. The PP card is unlimited in time.

Nota Bene. Please note that the PP cards purchased in one of the five “Speed Queen” laundromats located in Kalvarijų Str. 206, Lakūnų Str. 24 (shopping center “Outlet Park”) and Upes str. 9 (shopping center “CUP”) and Ateities Str. 91 (shopping center “Mandarinas”) and Pociūno Str. 8 (shopping center “Vilnius Outlet”) are valid in all of the above mentioned laundromats. PP cards purchased in the “Speed Queen” laundromat in Savanorių Ave. 176 (shopping center “Norfa Baze”) are temporarily valid only in this laundromat.