Clothes Cleaning

When it comes to cleanliness clothes are probably of the upmost importance. We wear and change clothes every day and they should be taken care of. That's why we have to devote time to keep them clean.

Towel washing

Towels don't need to be ironed so they are easily cleaned and quickly ready for using. There's a difference between kitchen towels and frothy towels.

In order to keep frothy towels clean and fluffy it's is important to wash them in soft water with fabric softener and dry them in a big drying machine. More drying space means softer and lighter towels.

It's more difficult with kitchen towels. Special chemicals are needed to keep them clean. Kitchen towels are usually dirty and smell bad. A good way to treat kitchen towels is with vinegar and baking soda. In order to remove bad smell wash kitchen towels with vinegar in a washing machine with no other washing chemicals on high temperature. Another way is to add washing chemicals and vinegar into the washing machine and start washing. As soon as chemicals are poured into the washing machine, pause the machine for an hour and let your laundry soak. After the hour resume washing. That's it.

We provide towel washing and drying services in our laundromats in Vilnius (in Šeškinė and Vilkpėdė district). If you find towel washing tiring just leave the towels to our laundry attendants for washing at the mentioned above laundromat. On the other hand, if you decide to wash your towels yourself our laundry attendants will advise you how to wash towels.

Wool washing

Washing wool requires special attention and care. Wool shrinks when washed inappropriately. Probably everyone has had a situation when they would put a grown man's wool sweater to wash take it out and notice that it's only big enough for a child. So how to wash wool?

Bedding washing

Because bed sheets need to be changed regularly their cleaning is an important part of doing laundry.

Curtains washing

Curtain washing at home can be quite difficult, that's why people bring their curtains to laundromats or get them dry cleaned.

Use our tips for laundry.