How to use “Speed Queen” laundromats

  1. Load the laundry into the selected washing machine. When doing so it is important not the weight of the laundry but the volume. i.e. whether the laundry easy fits into the washer (there should be some free space left in the washer).
  2. The chemicals (detergent + softener + disinfectant) are automatically supplied to the washers during the washing cycle.
  3. Attention! You may use your own chemicals: read the information on the washing machines’ control panels.
  4. Read the washing instructions located in the laundromat.
  5. You may pay by cash, banking cards or your phone. Payment instructions are nest to the payment terminal. The payments are separate for each machine.
  6. Washing time: pure cycle time, excluding water inlet and drain for three rinses, is shown on the washers’ screens. The real washing time is some 5 min. longer for the 10 kg washers and some 10 min. longer for 18 kg washers.
  7. Before drying, read the instructions located in the laundromat.
  8. If you need help please call at +370 609 98168