Washing wool requires special attention and care. Wool shrinks when washed inappropriately. Probably everyone has had a situation when they would put a grown man's wool sweater to wash take it out and notice that it's only big enough for a child. So how to wash wool?

Cold water is ideal for washing wool clothing and soaking wool clothing in cold water an hour before washing reduces the shrinking possibility even more.

Stains on wool clothing should be scrubbed gently with a brush prior to washing in a washing machine. This would help the cleaning process.

All wool products are washed similarly. Cold water (+15◦ C - +30◦ C) and special washing chemicals should be used for successful cleaning. Even though wool product manufacturers don't recommend to dry wool in dryers it's OK to dry wool products in room temperature in horizontal position. Dryers are also appropriate to use but room or similar to room temperature should be set for drying.

Woolen double blankets are difficult to wash properly at home. The most logical option is to wash and dry them at a laundromat in large capacity (18 kg) washing machines. The wool washing mode should be used. 18 kg washing machines are at all our laundromts in Baltupiai/Verkiai, Žirmūnai, Vilkpėdė and Downtown districts in Vilnius.