What should one understand about self-service laundries?

Washing and drying are carried out in separate machines. Because of this you can either wash or dry or do both. While your laundry is washed or dried you may wait in the laundromat or you can leave the premises and come back when the washing or drying cycles finish.

How is the laundry dried?

We have powerful drying machines installed in our laundromats. There are 14 kg, 21 kg and 25 kg capacity dryers in which laundry is fully dried in 15-30 min. Drying duration depends on laundry fabric type and load volume.

May one wash double mattress covers, bedspreads, furniture upholsteries, large toys, etc.?

Yes. In our laundromats we have 10 kg and 18 kg capacity washing machines.

Should you wait in the laundromat while your laundry is being washed?

This is not necessary. You can leave the laundry and come back when your washing cycle is finished. The duration of the washing cycle is displayed on the screen of the washer. Because the water filling and draining times are not included in the time on the screen customers should provide additional 5-7 minutes for the washing cycle in 10 kg capacity washers and 10-12 minutes for the washing cycle in 18kg capacity washers. Therefore the full washing time makes some 35-50 min. depending on the washer’s capacity.

Should you bring your own washing chemicals to the launderette?

In our laundromats bringing your own chemicals is unnecessary. Chemicals (detergent, softener and disinfectant) are automatically supplied to the washers during the washing cycle and are included in the price.

What items are not allowed to wash in our laundromats?

Protecting our customers’ laundry and keeping our laundromats a pleasant environment we kindly ask customers not to bring to our laundries the following items:

  • Animal care items (dog beds, pet blankets, etc.)
  • Items affected by materials that are difficult to wash (lubricants, oil, etc.)
  • Items having a strong and unpleasant smell (e.g. gasoline)
  • Items having a strong and unpleasant smell (e.g. gasoline)
  • Items having organic residues (food residues, etc.)

Do all Laundromats have large washing and drying machines?

The washers and dryers available in each laundromat are presented on this website in the laundromats’ description section.

What should customers do when they need help on operating the laundry equipment?

In all our automated laundromats there are telephone contact numbers provided and by calling them you may get all necessary information.

How to pay for services in an automated laundromat?

Customers pay for services through Central Pay terminals by various means: by cash, banking cards, telephone and pre-paid cards.

Is it possible to wash double mattress covers (Dormeo or other brands) in the launderettes?

Yes. We have large 18 kg capacity washing machines in our laundromats. See available equipment in each of our laundromats on this website. Important: it’s necessary to pay attention to the wash care symbols on your mattresses.

Kokiu būdu patogiausia patekti į PC CUP esančią skalbyklą?

1. Automobiliu pakilus į 4-tą CUP daugiaaukščio parkingo aukštą, skalbykla yra už 20 žingsnių (parkavimas vieną kartą per dieną 3 valandas nemokamas).
2. Pakilus liftu į CUP 4 aukštą, skalbykla yra už 25 žingsnių.

Why using the PP card the price on the receipt is the same as without a PP card?

When you use a PP card and add at least €20 to it you get a €3 bonus (when adding €40 you get €8, when adding €80 you get €20). Therefore, when you pay for the laundry services you pay only a part of the standard price, and the other part is offset by the added money (not yours), i.e. from the 3, 8 or 20 euros.

Let's consider an example for more clarity. We add €80 to the card (receiving a €20 bonus) and use the 10 kg washing machine (price €4.50). Because we added to the card €80, we received a €20 bonus. Therefore, we pay only €3.60 from our money, i.e., from the €80, and the remaining €0.90 - from the €20 bonus. Though the price on the receipt remains €4.50 the real price that we are paying in this case is only €3,60

Kaip veikia nuolaidų kortelė?

Kai jūs naudojatės nuolaidų kortele ir įdedate į ją bent 20 €, jūs gaunate 3 € dovanų (įdedate 40 € – gaunate 8 €, įdedate 80 € – gaunate 20 €). Todėl, kai jūs mokate už skalbyklos paslaugas kortele, dalį standartinės kainos mokate jūs, o kita dalis yra kompernsuojama iš pridėtų (ne jūsų) pinigų, t.y. iš 3 €, 8 € arba 20 €.

Kad būtų aiškiau panagrinėkime pavyzdį. Įdedate į kortelę 80 € ir skalbiate 10 kg skalbimo mašinoje (kaina 4,50 €). Kadangi įdėjote į kortelę 80 €, gavote 20 € dovanų. Tada apmokant skalbimo paslaugą mokate 3,60 € iš savo pinigų, t.y, iš 80 €, o likusius 0,90 € apmokate iš dovanotų 20 €. Todėl ir gaunasi, kad su kortele realiai mokama kaina yra mažesnė už standartimę, konkrečiai šiuo atveju kortele mokama suma - 3,60 €.