How to remove blood stains?

Very often a simple scratch (after falling, while shaving, etc.) can easily stain one’s clothes with blood. If clothes aren’t properly treated a simple wash is not enough to such clothes.

Fresh blood stains are easy to clean whereas old stains are usually much more difficult or sometimes impossible to clean.

How to clean blood stains?

One effective way to clean fresh blood stains is to pour colorless concentrated vinegar onto the stain and let it sit for 5-10 min. After that wipe the stain with a cloth or towel until dry. You can repeat the process if needed. Finally, wash the laundry in a washing machine as soon as possible.

Blood stains can also be removed using ammonia. Dilute the ammonia in water and put the stain into the liquid and let it sit. After that wash the laundry normally in a washing machine.

Another way is to use hydrogen peroxide. Pour the 3% solution on to the stain and let it sit for a few minutes, after that wash it normally in a washing machine. Salt water can also be used. Prepare a basin of salty water and soak the blood stained spot for 3-4 hours before washing in a washing machine.

Blood stains can also be treated with coca-cola if you don’t have any other means of handling the stain at hand. Just pour the drink on to the stain and try to keep it soaked with that drink as long as possible.

Old blood stains are more difficult to clean and the same ingredients as mentioned above can be used. It only takes patience as not all blood stains come off from the first treatment.

How to remove wine stains?

Lithuania’s wine consumption is growing rapidly and is getting close to the level of France or Italy. It's not unusual why more and more people are asking how to clean wine stains.

Use our stain cleansing tips to remove blood, grass and wine stains.