When travelling in Lithuania tourists often look for efficient and cheap ways to clean their down jackets.

Cleaning a down jacket at home can be difficult just because the drying process is very important and easy to get done wrong. By incorrectly drying eiderdown coats people risk damaging them. Down tends to accumulate in jacket’s corners when spun in washing machines. That is why to disperse the down one needs to apply certain techniques. Eiderdown jackets should be dried with tennis balls in drying machines. Why tennis balls? Because they massage the jacket as it gets dried and breaks down any lumps of down that are accumulated in the jacket.

All in all, washing a down jacket at home can be challenging and most likely unsuccessful.

What are the alternatives? One way - dry cleaning, the other - washing in a self-service laundromat. Dry cleaning is more time consuming and expensive than washing in a laundromat.