In time, our laundromats will be completely automated and in many cases customers will not have the opportunity to get advice from our employees. Customers will have to look into the washing symbols that are on almost every fabric and piece of clothing next to the material composition label.

We care about our customers, so we have placed washing symbol tables to help customers identify and understand each washing symbol's meaning. In our attended laundromats customers can always ask for advice.

There are 5 wash care symbol groups: washing, drying in a dryer, drying not in a dryer, ironing, bleaching and dry cleaning. For example, a small tub with water indicates the washing mode, and if there's a number in the small tub that indicates the maximum washing temperature allowed. If the small tub is underlined that means that a gentle washing mode should be chosen. If the small tub is crossed out, that means that you shouldn't wash it at all (option – dry cleaning).

  • A washing sign that signifies drying in a dryer is a square with a circle inside it. If this washing sign is crossed out that means that drying in a dryer is not allowed. If the symbol is underlined that means that it should be dried gently. Drying temperature is measured by the amount of dots that are in the symbol. The more dots the higher the temperature.
  • A washing label that signifies bleaching is a triangle. If the triangle is empty bleaching is allowed. If the triangle is crossed out with two parallel dashes it means that you can't bleach the fabric with chloride. If the triangle is crossed out with and X that means that bleaching is not allowed.
  • The dry cleaning symbol is a circle. If the circle is crossed out dry cleaning is not allowed, if it's not crossed out then dry cleaning is allowed.

If you have questions about washing care symbols and their meanings feel free to call us using the phone numbers provided on this website or in our laundromats.