Opening a Laundromat

If you’ve used "Speed Queen" laundromat services, were pleased with the outcome and started thinking of opening and managing such a laundromat yourselves we can help you to implement this project.

Why is it worth considering specifically a “Speed Queen” launderette opening option?

  1. The "Speed Queen" laundromat concept was created by the world's largest laundry equipment manufacturer US company "Alliance Laundry Systems" (abbreviation – ALS) having over 100 years of laundry equipment manufacturing expertise.
  2. ALS is planning to open 1500 "Speed Queen" laundromats in Europe till 2019-2020 and your laundry would be a part of the world's first international laundromat network.
  3. Through us, ALS will help "Speed Queen" laundromat owners to choose the right laundry store locations, to choose equipment that would suit specific premises, to prepare laundromat installation plans and to visualize the laundromat.
  4. We will help you by consulting on laundromats’ management and operational matters.

For more information on opening of "Speed Queen" laundromats please visit and the international ALS website