Laundromat in Downtown

Upės g. 9 , Vilnius
+370 672 55215
+370 609 98168

The closest public transport stops to this "Speed Queen" laundromat are Žaliasis tiltas st. and Europos aikštė st. At Žaliasis tiltas st. buses No. 1G, 3G, 6G, 10,43, 46, 52, 53, and 56 stop and trolleybuses No. 3, 6, 10, 12 and 14 stop. At Europos aikštė st. trolleybuses No. 9 and 19 stop and buses No. 3G, 4G, 43, 52, 56 and 88 stop.

In downtown Vilnius in the shopping center "CUP" on Upės Str. 9 there is our newest laundromat Speed Queen.

In this laundromat customers may only wash and dry their laundry themselves. Here customers may use the same services as in the laundromats in Baltupiai district on Kalvarijų Str. 206, in Žirmūnai district on Lakūnų Str. 24 and Vilkpėdė district on Savanorių Ave. 176. All washers use regular chemicals (detergent+softener+disinfectant) which are supplied to the washers automatically. Therefore, customers don’t have to care about the chemicals. If customers prefer to use their own chemicals such option is available in a few washers.

This laundromat is fully automated so it doesn't have any attendants. For this reason customers cannot get dry cleaning or ironing services there. However, we do provide these services in our laundromat that is on Šeškinės Str. 26.

A Central Pay terminal is installed in this laundromat for customers to be able to pay for laundry services. It accepts banking cards, cash (banknotes and coins), pre-paid cards and purchases through smart phones (using the Monyx application).

This laundromat is on the 4th floor of the CUP shopping center. Reaching this laundromat is quite easy through the multi-story car parking (4th floor entrance) and through the main elevator of the shopping center. The laundromat is 20 steps away from the parking on the 4th floor and some 30 steps away from the elevator.

This laundromat is conveniently close to downtown residents and also to those who live in Šnipiškės, Žvėrynas, Naujamiestis, Užupis and the city center districts. So if you stay in these areas the downtown laundromat is close to your location.

The laundromat in the CUP shopping center has big washing and drying machines that allow customers to launder large volumes of laundry fast. Customers may also easily wash and dry big items like double mattress covers, curtains, large blankets, etc.

Equipment available in this “Speed Queen” laundromat:


10 kg capacity – 5 pcs.
18 kg capacity – 2 pcs.


14 kg capacity – 2 pcs.
21 kg capacity – 2 pcs.

Downtown laundromat contact phone number: +370 609 98168. Contact in local language: +370 672 55215.

Laundromat’s business hours: Monday – Sunday 8 AM - 10 PM