Laundry in Vilnius is not an issue but the majority of Vilnius public laundry services are slow. Therefore to have clean laundry the customers have to wait for 5-7 days. While many shopping centers provide customers the convenience of “drop off” points the latter offer laundry and dry cleaning services that are quite slow. The increasing pace of life makes relevant faster laundry for such items as everyday clothing, working clothes, bed linen and towels allowing to have clean stuff again in a short time. Laundromats in Vilnius resolved the washing and drying speed and convenience issues for the customers.

At present there are six “Speed Queen” branded laundry stores in Vilnius. More detailed information about these laundromats is provided in other sections of this website: Laundromat in Verkiai/Baltupiai, Laundromat in Vilkpėdė, Laundromat in DowntownLaundromat in Žirmūnai and Laundromat in Fabijoniškės and Laundromat in Pilaitė.

There are at least 5 washing and 4 drying machines (including big capacity machines) in each of our launderettes. Therefore customers may quickly wash and dry large laundry volumes there.

What is a fully automated “Speed Queen” laundromat?

It is an unattended laundry where the services are paid for through a Central Pay terminal that accepts all possible means of payments: customers may pay in cash (coins and banknotes) as well as by pre-paid cards, banking cards and using their smart phones. In our “Speed Queen” stores the chemicals (detergent, softener and disinfectant) are provided to the washing machines automatically, so customers don’t have to bother about the chemicals themselves.

As in the automated launderettes we offer various payment methods, the words “coin laundry” don’t precisely reflect the self-service laundry concept anymore and purely coin operated laundromats don’t exist.

We plan to extend our “Speed Queen” laundry chain into other cities of the country.