Curtain washing at home can be quite difficult, that's why people bring their curtains to laundromats or get them dry cleaned.

Curtain size is clearly an issue when it comes to washing curtains at home. Bath tubs are an option when washing curtains at home but nowadays more and more homes have shower cabins instead of bath tubs. This is the reason why other alternatives are needed.

It is possible to dry clean curtains but the service cost would be very similar to buying new curtains. So the latter is not an option. An alternative would be to bring them to a laundry drop-off point and in this case it would of course cost less but the servicing time could be as long as 10 days or more. The third option would be to bring them to a laundromat. Here customers may use large washing and drying machines and have the curtains clean and dry in approximately one hour. Of course in a self-service laundry customers have to do the laundry themselves. Washing chemicals (washing liquid, softener and disinfectant) are provided to the washing cycle automatically.

Customers may choose how to wash their curtains in any of the above mentioned ways.

When washing day curtains, it is very important to use delicate washing modes in order not to do any harm to the curtains. As the night curtains are more firm standard washing modes could be used for their laundry. Surely, before washing curtains it is important to identify the fabric they are made of and choose the washing mode accordingly. This is particularly important for washing nylon and other tulle curtains. Undoubtedly, customers may use bleach for washing white curtains.