We are developing the first international "Speed Queen" laundromat network in Lithuania. "Speed Queen" laundromat concept was created by the world's leading laundry equipment manufacturer US company "Alliance Laundry Systems" (abbreviation – ALS) who has over 100 years of equipment manufacturing expertise. In a few years’ time some 1500 "Speed Queen" stores will be opened in Europe.

Currently this network has six laundromats in Vilnius. We are planning to expand this network to other cities in Lithuania.

In all our laundromats we have ALS’ "Speed Queen" washing and drying machines. Many years of ALS’ manufacturing experience ensures high quality of "Speed Queen" equipment operations.

Why should you use "Speed Queen" laundromat services?

  • in our high capacity washing machines, you may wash big items that don't fit in household washing machines: double bedspreads, double blankets, double mattress covers, sleeping bags, down jackets, etc. We’ve got washing machines of 10 kg and 18 kg capacity and dryers of 14 kg, 21 kg and 25 kg capacity.
  • by using multiple washing machines at the same time you may get a large volume of laundry done fast.
  • our washing machines have a much shorter washing cycle (35-45 min.) than regular household washing machines.
  • our dryers can fully dry a large volume of laundry in 20-30 min.
  • our laundromats are opened 7 days a week (longest till 1:00 AM).

Even though we mainly specialize in washing, we offer our customers dry cleaning services as well. Dry cleaning services are provided in cooperation with one of the market leaders in Lithuania the dry cleaning company "Paulini".

Welcome to use our laundromat network services!