When it comes to cleanliness clothes are probably of the upmost importance. We wear and change clothes every day and they should be taken care of. That's why we have to devote time to keep them clean.

There are many ways to keep clothes clean - either cleaning them at home, dry cleaning or at the self-service laundromat.

Of course the most reliable cleaning method is dry cleaning though it’s also the most expensive one. At the dry cleaners’ prices are much higher than at the laundromat. That's why the condition of dirty clothes should be carefully evaluated before bringing them to the dry cleaners instead of choosing other cleaning options. If you choose to dry clean your clothes you may call us on +370 609 98168 and we’ll help you

If you choose to use the self-service laundromat you have to check your clothes labels in order to understand what cleaning method is appropriate (tags are usually in the inner parts of clothing).

Even though cleaning at home is possible stains of organic origin are harder to clean and require special chemicals and cleaning products for cleaning. If you choose to clean at home make sure you read the wash care symbols first as it is crucial for successful cleaning.

One of our services is picking-up laundry from your home. At the moment we are not offering an online order service but we are happy to accept your phone calls and emails. As soon as we hear from you we’ll grant you a proper service.